Archipelago Sea and Southern Bothnian Sea

Vision for 2030

Thanks to its central location, the area has developed as a prominent player in the Baltic Sea region, and the planning area has strengthened its position in the Baltic Sea market. Maritime activities are developed in the area with a view to promoting the good state of the marine environment and the diversity of underwater wildlife.

The area is home to a high-technology marine cluster, which is highly competitive by international standards and includes an extensive subcontracting network. Key specialist areas include marine technology industries and specialist industrial services. The marine and technology industries have made investments in technological solutions that improve the state of the marine environment, product development and next-generation products and services.

Fishing is a vital livelihood in the marine area, alongside which aquaculture has also grown in importance. The food industry plays a major role in the area and its growth and product development opportunities have been put to productive use.

Comprehensive renewable energy solutions have been placed front and centre in regional development. Efforts have been made to promote renewable energy generation and use and related entrepreneurship, and the area’s extensive energy expertise has enabled the sector’s growth. Offshore wind farm construction has brought together expertise in the energy, offshore and technology industries in a new way that is no longer tied to traditional sectoral boundaries.

The area is home to a globally unique, integrated natural and landscape destination. The archipelago and coastal nature and cultural heritage in the area are vibrant, well preserved and a form of capital and an essential pull factor for tourism. Tourism is coordinated and developed at the regional level. 

The vibrant archipelago is easily accessible and offers high-quality services for residents.


Maritime spatial planning have involved creating a vision for each planning area. The vision describes the main development goals to be reached over the next tens years.