The northern Bothnian Sea, the Kvarken and the Bothnian Bay

Vision for 2030

Sustainable use of the northern marine area supports the development of its attractiveness and competitiveness and promotes the transition to a low-carbon society.

The developing network of ports and effective logistics connections play a key role in terms of the area’s accessibility and competitiveness. Connections to Sweden support development in several sectors.

The fisheries sector has been developed with the entire value chain in view, from fishing and food-fish farming to processing. Operating conditions for coastal fishing have been secured. The area is also renowned for its recreational fishing opportunities.

The area’s solid energy expertise and renewable energy potential have brought about new opportunities: renewable energy generation and use are increasing and circular economy solutions are developing. Offshore wind construction projects have been reconciled with other uses of the marine area and its nature and landscape values.

A good marine environmental status is promoted by directing economic activity and human pressures to the most suitable sites. Knowledge on the underwater marine environment and cultural heritage has grown.

The northern marine environment is used as an attraction when developing the archipelago, coastal towns and cities and tourist resorts. Tourism and recreational uses have been developed in the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site and other natural and cultural destinations.

Easy access to and good service provision in tourist and recreational destinations support the sector’s development. Unique winter tourism has gained a more prominent role as climate change intensifies.

The recovery of migratory fish stocks is supported in the use of the sea, coastal areas and estuaries. Attention is paid to the special conditions of the land uplift coast.

Maritime spatial planning have involved creating a vision for each planning area. The vision describes the main development goals to be reached over the next tens years.