Vision 2050 is part of Finland’s maritime spatial planning work. This section presents the results of the work and the process of the vision work. 

The vision for sustainable use and the related area-specific goals and sector-specific roadmaps were developed through extensive stakeholder work in autumn 2019 and early 2020. A national workshop was held (1 October 2019) and four regional workshops were also organised (Vaasa 6 November 2019, Oulu 7 November 2019, Helsinki 27 November 2019, and Uusikaupunki 28 November 2019). Area-specific development visions for 2030 and sector-specific roadmaps for 2030 were created based on the discussions held at the workshops.

The goal of the extensive stakeholder work is to bring marine trades together, increase mutual understanding and create common approval for and commitment to the vision. This has guided the development of various sectors in terms of the two maritime spatial planning goals: blue growth and good status of the marine environment. The work has been steered by the maritime spatial planning coordination group, which consists of representatives of the Regional Councils and the Ministry of the Environment. WSP Finland has served as the consultant for the vision work, with Capful as its sub-consultant.

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