Maritime spatial planning zones and markings



Maritime spatial planning zones are 1) inner archipelago and inner coastal waters, 2) outer archipelago and outermost coastal waters and 3) open sea. The zone division is based on the classification of coastal waters covering the entire cost of Finland. The materials have been generalised to suit the need of maritime spatial planning. The simplified zoning combines the inner and central archipelago and inner coastal waters.

Planning principles concerning all the zones

All zones are planned taking into account the protection and promotion of the good status of the marine environment, preservation of cultural values, promotion of water resources protection and marine conservation, development of tourism and recreational use, protection of the seafaring conditions as well as international infrastructure and traffic connections. Open sea views and preservation of landscape values should be considered in the planning and development of all the zones.



Principles concerning all the markings

 Markings are generally used to indicate already existing significant and future potential areas for the different needs of the various uses of marine areas. The placement of various activities in the potential areas requires more detailed planning.

– It is important to pay attention to the good status of the marine environment goal when planning and developing the operations.

– Markings may overlap with other markings.

– Markings do not exclude operations in other areas.